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After the 1920s the evolution of management accounting methods reduced as interest and senior management focused on preparing and. 6) THE contingency approach The contingency approach recognizes that different organizations require different ways of managing. Therefore there was no way of identifying which products were generating more profits and which products were generating less. This is particularly relevant in the IT industry which changes fast in terms of hardware and software developments. Management accounting evolution Since the early 1980s a number of innovative management accounting techniques have been developed such as activity-based techniques (costing, budgeting and management strategic management accounting and the balanced scorecard. Managers reference my assignment throughout the world must deal with new opportunities and challenges inherent in the globalization of business. Management should provide orderly personnel planning and ensure that replacements are available to fill vacancies. An open system interacts with its environment. To an organization, those various activity can be narrowed to Planning, Organizing and Control by three groups of management : operating management, middle management and executive management with different role in each level. For this reason traditional management accounting processes which used to allocate costs on the basis of departmental consumption shifted to the activity-based accounting under the balanced scorecard methodology.

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Elements of scientific management still used include:. According to this process, costs are allocated on the basis of direct labor, direct material and overhead. This article tries to explain by how much management accounting has altered through the years, since the 1950s to date, and the reasons that led to the changes. This is a critical consideration in todays competitive business environment which is characterized by a fast pace of change. Essays, Papers: Title: The Evolution of Management Accounting.

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