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be left alone. Hence this kind of punishment is the best, since it is an aid to moral trainingfor instance, if a child tells a lie, a look of contempt is punishment enough, and punishment of a most appropriate kind. Thus we want a cord to measure a certain distance, though we might as well measure it by the eye; or a clock to tell the time, when we might do this by the position of the sun; or a compass to find our way. Disobedience is always followed by punishmenteither physical or moral. In 1986, the government launched the Clean Ganga Programme and several sewage treatment plants started operating at Varanasi, Patna, Allahabad and near the source of river at Hardwar to purify the Ganga water. 04 The Problem of Pollution Pollution is defined as the contamination of environments pure elements by the harmful agents or increase in their percentage above a certain permissible limit.

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Colleges are like their own world. Also the idea of shame should not be made use of with children, but only with those who have left childhood for youth. If children do not learn this early, they are very likely to think that, if only God had not forbidden it, there would be no scouts scout master confrencepersonal essay harm in practising wickedness, and that it would otherwise be allowed, and that therefore He would probably make an exception. The management of schools ought, then, to depend entirely upon the judgment of the most enlightened experts. I have equipped thee with every tendency towards the good.

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