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corresponding dashes and dots on the paper to be deciphered later. Although the telephone was originally expected to replace the telegraph completely, this turned out not to be the case: both industries thrived side by side for many decades. The patent for this telegraph was officially approved in 1854, following an extensive legal battle that was finally won.S. The facsimile telegraph was perfected in the 1930s and was widely used for sending photographs and other graphic information over telephone and telegraph lines in an analog transmission system. The telegraph, which had started in 1837, was replaced in most applications in developed countries by digital data-transmission systems based on computer technology. By transmitting information quickly over long distances, the telegraph facilitated the growth of the railroads, consolidated financial markets, and reduced the information costs between firms. Previous methods of producing electricity employed frictional generation of static electricity, which led to high voltages and low currents. The receiver, or register, embossed the dots and dashes on an unwinding strip of paper that passed under a stylus. Telegraph, essay, Research, paper, the telegraph, the telegraph was one of the key details that allowed our country to grow. In 1861 it completed the first transcontinental telegraph line, connecting San Francisco to the Midwest and then on to the East Coast. In the Baudot system, the transmitter and receiver had to be operated in synchrony so that the correct transmitter and receiver were connected at the same time.

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This system rapidly caught on in England and in the. Italian born Guglielmo Marconi was fascinated by Hertz's discovery, and realised that if radio waves could be transmitted and detected over long distances, wireless telegraphy could be developed. In 1866, the first telegraph was successfully transmitted across the Atlantic Ocean. Wires were attached by glass insulators to poles alongside a railroad. The telegraph even changed the style of news reporting on a permanent level. In order to use these methods effectively, both the sender and receiver needed a method to interpret these signals. In 1962 Western Union introduced Telex in the United States as an international teleprinter service, and in 1970 it acquired TWX from. In 1848 the Associated Press was formed in the United States to pool telegraph expenses, and in 1849 Paul Julius Reuters in Paris initiated telegraphic press service (using pigeons to cover sections where lines were incomplete). Each arm of the semaphore could assume seven angular positions 45 apart, and the horizontal beam could tilt 45 clockwise or counterclockwise. In Murrays device, characters were sent by opening and closing various combinations of six shutters.

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