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the volcano eruptions, I would have to say this was a point of contrast. Erosion was another danger. Helens got into automobiles and clogged engines and ruined other machinery.

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As a result that damaged 63 miles of roads, about 25 bridges, and teachers day essay in tamil pdf blocked the Columbia River. The blast destroyed about 154 miles of trout streams and 26 lakes. People in both of these eruptions experienced loss of there homes and personal belongings, mainly due to the devastating lahars sweeping there homes away, or being covered in large quantities of volcanic debris and ash, or just being shook to the ground by the numerous. Each time the volcano erupts, more lava, minerals and fragments are emitted. Both eruptions generated tremendous amounts of ash and volcanic debris that resulted in large lahars that devastated much of the surrounding land, cities, and homes. The ash fall from Mount. Topinka, Lyn?CVO Photo Archives- Mount. 5 cubic kilometers off the top of the were a major product of the eruption. Helens hat Causes A Volcano? The cost for the Mount Pinatubo eruption could never be measured in dollars and cents for the resulting effects it had on a global scale. Edu.?Tell me about Pinatubo?

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