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or econ or literature or music, dont be discouraged about what I just wrote. More than I love being around motivated, inspiring, wicked-smart kids, I love being around real people who, at the end of the day, are still just your somewhat normal teenager/twentysomething. Find A College, articles: Expert Advice, top Forums. Yeah, yeah, theres an application fee, so dont apply if you dont want to come here. I hope you get all As! I gripe to my six-year-old brother, whose chalk rainbow now decorates my colossal drawing, You just ruined Nemos eyes!

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ucali essays colelge confidential

Is your head going to explode?! Hopefully you got something out. To those of you who are still working on apps, I thought Id offer a bit of unsolicited advice (but puh-leeze, you know you want it) about the DUN DUN DUN college essay. Cant wait to see human trafficking in india essay you in a couple weeks, goober! Like making it to class without running into anything/anyone while on my bike.). No, but Im just really stressed right now. I like to think these things, but sometimes it takes a first-grader who thinks President Kennedy was President Cavity to show me how much more I need to learn and make me okay with that prospect. If you submitted an essay exactly like this one, thatd be creepy.). Search from over 3 million scholarships. November 22, 2010, to those of you who sent in your early apps congrats! Before I start, Id like to offer a statistic for those of you obsessing over the chance me threads on College Confidential (if you dont know what Im talking about, dont worry youre not missing out 0 of people who do not apply to MIT. Doing laundry, computing a triple integral, playing the third movement of the Lalo cello concerto I learned these things from people at least 20 years older than.

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