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major figure in world literature is primarily based on his ingenious and profound short stories, poems, and critical theories, which established a highly influential rationale for the short form in both poetry and fiction. The plot is a simple one: A young student is reading one stormy night in his chamber, half-dreaming about his beloved deceased mistress. The actual subject of the story, as is the case with most of Poes work, is the nature of the idealized artwork and the precarious situation of the artist. The central mystery on which the thematic structure of the story depends is the nature of Roderick Ushers illness. Poe also helped to make periodical publishing more important in American literary culture. He subsequently went to New York City, where.

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That Montresors crime against Fortunato has had its hold on him for the past fifty years is supported by another detail in the story, the Montresor coat of armsa huge human foot crushing a serpent, whose fangs are embedded in the heel; the accompanying motto. Every detail in the story contributes to this central effect, and it is the overall design of the story that communicates its meaningnot some simple moral embedded within it or tacked on to the end. Realizing that the monotonous repetition of the word nevermore would althusser lenin and philosophy and other essays 1971 belie any reasoning person, Poe decided to have an unreasoning creature utter the word; the raven, a bird of ill omen, was the natural choice. Moreover, the fact that Montresor knows how his plot is going to end makes it possible for him to play little ironic tricks on Fortunato. Quinn that a balanced view was provided of Poe, his work, and the relationship between the authors life and his imagination. Tamerlane and Al Aaraaf exemplify Poes evolution from the portrayal of Byronic heroes to the depiction of journeys within his own imagination and subconscious. Above all, Poe is a formalist for whom the technique and pattern of a poem, not its so-called theme or human interest, is its sole reason for being. Moreover, Poe insists that only when the reader has an awareness of the end of the workthat is, its overall purposewill seemingly trivial elements of the story become meaningful in its total pattern. Periodical publishing, and the short story as the favored genre of this medium, was Americas way of fighting back. I felt I would do better in the next section, where he confines himself to American authors. Once making that decision, he had to decide on the tone of the poem. It is also an example of what made critic Yvor Winters, in the most severe attack ever launched against Poe, call him an explicit obscurantist.

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