animal fur cruelty essay introduction

other hand, nanny goats are boiled alive for the manufacture of gloves, and the hides solidification thesis of unborn lambs and calves-some intentionally aborted, some extracted from slaughtered expectant ewes and cows- are regarded particularly luxurious. In my opinion killing animals for fur is cruel and it should not be happening in the civilized world in twenty first century. Some of them are gassed, poisoned or even clubbed to death. I think that nowadays we have technologically advanced, high quality materials, that are even better that fur and can replace. It is true, but at present, natural environment is more devastated than ever, abundance of species decreases, so we must take appropriate action prevent the extinction of endangered species. S violent and unreasoned injuring or hurting of animals. On fur farms where animals are raised for the purpose of using their fur for clothing; they are placed in filthy, overcrowded wire cages until they are sooner or later killed for their fur. These animals have also taken part in the religious customs, either for religious sacrifices or worshiping, done way back the earliest times.

animal fur cruelty essay introduction

It is basically some form of abuse where people cause pain and suffering to these creatures through infliction of pain and other forms of suffering.
Animal rights activist argue that people abuse them.
The fur industry is a cruel, heartless business that is bad for the environment and unnecessary.
So in conclusion, killing animals for their fur is completely wrong.

Animal fur cruelty essay introduction
animal fur cruelty essay introduction

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Some people say that for is warmer and more attractive than man-made materials. The only problem is that other issues tend to be more important such as global warming and climate change, which drags away peoples attention. Fur farm animals spend their whole lives restricted to filthy, cramped wire cages, not to mention the cheapest and cruelest methods used in killing the animals, including electrocution, suffocation, poisoning and gasping. It is brutal and wrong on so many aspects. Either way the fact still remains that these animals are treated to horrific conditions.

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animal fur cruelty essay introduction

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