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too much. When you are seated, a lot of people will lean forward in their computer chair towards the screen. The internet helps us to overcome our depression but can also make some things worse. Transistors mark the beginning of the "Second Generation" of computers in 1947. Borja, bSE IIA, submitted to: Mrs. This may not be good if you need to be somewhere at a certain time. There are many uses for computers and the internet and in many cases, an individual may spend 6 or more hours in a day on the computer but still not be considered an addict. The Researchers abstract This paper describes the effects of computer.

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We can help you. This is a social problem developed from internet addiction. Inadequate sleep due to the late night causes drowsiness, severe headache, carpal tunnel syndrome, low level of concentration, and their immune system becomes depressed. Among students, computer over dependence affects their academic performance. Also, more time on the computer means less time exercising, which causes weight gain in many people. Moreover, they contain a large storage memory harvard business school mba essay that is adorable hence people use them as files for their crucial documents. Addiction it is an addiction to different social networking sites which causes people to care more to their online friends than their real-life friends and family. Essay on Computer Addiction.some facts about a growing problem of computer addiction. First sold in 1977, Microchess eventually sold over 50,000 copies on cassette tape. Internet and Computer Addiction Essay.1.