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(genies) absorbed from Arabic folklore. Ellis' "New Britain" (1820), science fictional Mary Fox's "New Holland" (1837), science fictional Timothy Savage's "The Anazonian Republic" (1842), science fictional James Fenimore Cooper's "The Crater" (1848) (utopian culture on newly-risen islands) Robert Pemberton's "The Happy Colony" (1854), science fictional. Lawrence Bantam, 1978 "Star Trek: The New Voyages. Simak's "Cosmic Engineers" Gnome, 1950 Jack Williamson's "The Cometeers" Fantasy Press, 1950 Clark Ashton Smith's "The Plutonian Drug" The Outer Reaches,. Isaac Asimov, Martin. In "Inferno" 1976 by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, Hell is shown to be a subset of Purgatory, so that all souls have an eventual chance of graduating to Heaven. Woden to the Teutons and including the animal i would like to be essay the trickster Loki. Lewis Jeremy Pascal's "God: the Ultimate Autobiography" 1988.

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Dolittle" stories are so captivatingly charming and yet realistic that they make us forget that talking animals are Fantasy. Cowardly, chattering, swarming - no individuality, no flair! Briggs' "Kate Crackernuts" Ramsey Campbell's "The Face That Must Die" Ramsey Campbell's "The Parasites" essays artifactual communication (British title "To Wake the Dead" Lin Carter's The Zarkon trilogy Susan Cooper's The Dark Is Rising sequence John Crowley's "Little, Big". Either the individual has some sort of physical immortality, and thus cheats death; or the individual Soul persists as a Ghost here on Earth; or as a spirit on some Astral Plane, or in some secondary world ( Heaven, Hell, Limbo, Purgatory, or Valhalla. This category overlaps that vague one of "psychic phenomena." Some say that everyone has a touch.S.P.