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possible while at the same time maximizing confidentiality.(Cohen 100) Another way Genghis gained an advantage over enemy forces lay in the commandment of the army. Her ne kadar kimlii bilinmese de, Moollarn tabulam liderinin en mahrem. Father who was chief of his tribe was poisoned by a rival tribe. News and World Report, september 1993. It was the year that this great military leader defeated all the rival tribes of Mongolia(Edwards 8) and was elected Khan(Boyle 625). Yazarn üzerinde younlat güven ve sadakat vurgusunun, Cengiz Han'n eceresinin sunulduu ksmda da baskn olduu ve eserin batan sona bu iki vurgu üzerine ina edilmi olduu görülmütür. Where Sleeps Genghis Khan? For this reason, he will choose the officials who will be closest to him, and will give them high positions after inspiring confidence.

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Aliases: Dschinghis Khan, variations. The video and the song associated with it have become a popular topic on blogs and can be considered an internet fad. Genghis born about 1162 into powerful Mongol tribe. The year 1206 was an important one for Genghis Khan. Interestingly enough Genghis was not elected Khan until after the position was turned down by his older, more qualified family members.(Cohen 86) Soon after his election of Khan, Genghis searched for victims and began conquering groups to the west such as the Tanguts, a civilization. Their songs invariably were themed on historical figures and exotic cultures and locales. A rider would ride a horse from one relay station to the next, switching horses at each station. Macmillan Educational Company, new York, copyright 1989, pgs.