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are they simply. Many people are not informed about the good effects of medical marijuana even though medical marijuana can help with a number of diseases and health disorders. All views differ on the matter whether its coming from Governments, Communities, or an Individuals perspective it can bring a lot of controversy when agreeing with its usage. tags: legal issues, drugs Good Essays 1005 words (2.9 pages) Preview - Recently, the California elections proposed a controversial new law for the state to apply a new tax on cannabis, Proposition. Jeremy Echols, his father, said that his son Alex was diagnosed when he was 5 years old. The basic information concerning marijuana. In 1973, the.S.

Shohov offered relevant background information about how much US citizens use it and the federal perspective of this fact. People are for the legalization because of the great uses it has towards medicine, the money that could come from the taxation of legalized marijuana, and. tags: Drugs, Pros and Cons Good Essays 1595 words (4.6 pages) Preview - Just as alcohol prohibition during the 20s and 30s was not successful, marijuana prohibition has not been successful either, as evidenced by its current and increasing popularity in the United States. Created the Drug Enforcement. This tybalt and benvolio essay comprehensive research looks at the overall picture of marijuana use and the effects from a pharmacological standpoint.