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Pakistan Private Schools Federation which claimed to represent 150,000 schools announced an I Am Not Malala day. Some interesting discussion here, including the observation that even with the widespread fraud, DCs graduation rates were still well below the national average. Before we start blaming the DC education system, I hope someone checks that this isnt exactly what we would predict based on DCs racial composition and known racial disparities in education. Also: not one, but two good comic-book-style illustrated guides to AI safety topics. Businessman Andrew Yang will run in the 2020 presidential election on a platform of universal basic income. If your favorite websites have become more censorious lately or cracked down on mostly harmless activity, its not their fault its a result of fosta, a new anti-sex-trafficking law that in practice enables a wide variety of legal crackdowns and censorship against the Internet. Nathan Cofnas debunks Kevin MacDonalds anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. A recent poll among Brits revealed that as many as 37 think they have a job that is utterly useless.

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Italian election ends with center-right and populists in power, likely a victory for anti-immigrant forces and Euroskeptics. Business Insider: companies are publicly liberal on social issues mostly because liberals are a more valuable consumer demographic. Heres a graph showing favorability of various groups/people among Democrats. The Darian calendar, created for future colonists to keep time on Mars. Im a capitalist, and I believe that universal basic income is necessary personal responsibility and academic success essay for capitalism to continue. Theres also been a lot of good discussion of his research program at the new Less Wrong, including a response by Wei Dai. Results of all 833 of Aellas twitter polls. A large meta-analysis agreed, with the caveat that spamming the school system with basically anything else would be more cost-effective (From a practical perspective, resources might be better allocated elsewhere than mind-set interventions.

The Long-Run Effect Of Teacher Strikes: Evidence From Argentina tries to measure the effect of teachers by seeing if students who are exposed to long teacher strikes do worse in life. The Fatebenefratrelli Hospital in Italy is famous for the mysterious Syndrome K a fake, supposedly contagious diagnosis they would give Jews in order to keep them out of the Nazi concentration camps.

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