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in an amorphous matrix within the polyaniline layers. The effects of CB contents and TPU on the phase morphology of POM/copa were investigated, showing the occurrence of the POM/copa phase inversion from a sea-island to a co-continuous structure beyond the percolation threshold of CB in the presence of TPU. Morphological defects including misaligned crystalline grains and grain boundaries significantly impede efficient charge hopping between transport sites, resulting in degradation of device performance. The Article Processing Charge (APC) for publication in this open access journal is 1500 CHF (Swiss Francs). They act like a spring to maintain the electrode mechanical and electrical integrity. In addition, a possibility of a variety of functional applications of n-type conductive polymer was indicated).

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The electrical conductivities of polyaniline and poly( o -anisidine) layers and their dependence with temperature are also investigated. Full article (This article belongs to the Special Issue Conductive Polymers 2017 ) Figures Open AccessArticle Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Four Novel Electrochromic Materials Employing Nitrotriphenylamine Unit as the Acceptor and Different Thiophene Derivatives as the Donor by Shuai Li, Guoliang Liu, Xiuping. Full article (This article belongs to the Special Issue Conductive Polymers 2017 ) Figures Open AccessReview Electrical and Electrochemical Properties of Conducting Polymers by Thanh-Hai Le, Yukyung Kim and Hyeonseok Yoon Polymers 2017, 9 (4 150; Received: / Revised: / Accepted: / Published: Cited. Khanam, Subhendu Bhandari, Peter Feng and Tariq Altalhi Polymers 2017, 9 (10 527; Received: 11 September 2017 / Revised: / Accepted: / Published: Cited by 4 PDF Full-text (5519 KB) html Full-text XML Full-text Supplementary Files Abstract The electrical conductivity of extrinsically conducting polymer composite. Of the available processing strategies, polymer solution treatments and film deposition techniques will be mainly highlighted. Therefore, one important challenge is to control morphology of active polymer thin-films for achieving high performance flexible electronic devices. The electrical conductivity of extrinsically conducting polymer composite systems passes through a transition state known as percolation threshold. Morphology of conjugated polymers is a critical factor that significantly affects intrinsic charge transport characteristics and in turn performance of polymer-based devices. Advances in nanotechnology have allowed the fabrication of versatile CP nanomaterials with improved performance for various applications including electronics, optoelectronics, bahasa malaysia essay sensors, and energy devices. The control of higher level structures would also be important in developing conductive polymer-nanoparticle hybrid materials.

Keywords Conductive polymers Nanostructure Hierarchical structure Polymernanoparticle hybrid Sensors Actuators Energy storage Related Special Issues Jump to: Review Open AccessArticle Morphological and Structural Analysis of Polyaniline and Poly( o -anisidine) Layers Generated in a DC Glow Discharge Plasma by Using an Oblique Angle Electrode Deposition. The size and morphology of the materials are also discussed as key parameters that affect their major properties.