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who edits theses for a living, I think a bit of time spent on fonts is part of the process of buffing and polishing what is, after all, one of the most important documents you will ever produce. Microsoft Word Fonts, microsoft Word comes with lots of fonts of varying quality. The other problem with choosing a sans serif for your body text is that if you want passages in italics (for example, lengthy participant"s) often this will be displayed as slanted letters, rather than as a true italic font. I did my best with them, as long as I could.

The name Georgia comes from a tabloid headline: Alien Heads Found in Georgia. Their is major disagreement over which is easier to read-serif or sans serif fonts, with no clear consensus on the outcome. If youre running an older version of Mac OS, you wont have these fonts. This post is by DrJanene Carey, a freelance writer and editor based in Armidale NSW. So if you submit the paper electronically, be sure to use a font your instructor has. Microsoft Word includes several other fonts that can work well for academic essays: Bell MT, Californian FB, Calisto MT, Cambria, Garamond, and Goudy Old Style. Morris Fuller Benton designed, century Schoolbook in 1923 for elementary-school textbooks, so its a highly readable font.

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Universal Fonts Anyone you send your document to will have these fonts because theyre built in to both Windows and Mac. Serif fonts are fonts such as Courier, Georgia, Century and Baskerville. Ive divided them into three categories: Microsoft Word Fonts, Mac OS Fonts, and Universal Fonts. Its an attractive serif typeface that came out with Office 2007 at the same time as Calibri, and was specifically designed to look good in print and on screen. Use A Readable Type Size. Times New Roman is ubiquitous and familiar, which means it is probably the safest option, but it does have a couple of drawbacks.

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