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pro-Military. Only the Good Die Young (Billy Joel)-a boy tries to convince a Catholic girl to have sex with him rather than practice abstinence. "A miracle of God, now looked on as a choice." Rap/Hip Hop Chores Animal Collective "Now I've got these chores / and I'm not gonna hurt no-one"Hard work is praised and violence is discouraged. Site is once again on the move, to another set of equally capable hands, who will take care of it just as well.D.

NA Rock Crying In The Chapel Elvis Presley Pro-marriage. N/A Country/Rock Angel of Death Slayer Exposes the sheer disgustingness of the Nazis and the Holocaust. NA Rock Dethharmonic Dethklok Anti-tax.

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1965 Swing/Pop Red Letters DC Talk Christian song about the importance of the Words of Christ in the Bible (i.e. Everclear singer Art Alexakis wrote much of his material from his own perspective of a troubled childhood. N/A Pop punk My Body Young the Giant "My body tells me no / But I introduce yourself in professionally manner essay won't quit / Cause I want more" Powerful chorus describes how the singer defies his body's physical desire to stop working and continue working hard because he wants. NA Rock The Real You Three Days Grace Alternative Red Barchetta Rush Tells the story of a future with excessive regulation, where even driving is illegal. Show More, related formsdefenceable, adjectivedefenceless, adjectivedefencelessly, adverbdefencelessness, nounpredefence, noun m Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Random House, Inc.

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