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likely be meat and a lot of vegetables. You may be asking yourself, how can, i keep myself healthy or what can one do to stay3. Carbohydrate provides us with energy. Another popular food for breakfast was pancakes, which were made from flour and egg persuasive essay on tattoos in the workplace batter. In some way, they may think that is a kind of healthy symbolic of their lives. So the basic products for a dieter are fruit, Vegetables, cereals, wholesome bread, juices and skimmed milk. Elizabethans usually put jams such as grape, strawberry, and sometimes powdered sugar on them for a sweeter taste.

The rich had wine with every meal except breakfast and the poor had wine with special meals (Elizabethan Food). Butter was very common in the Elizabethan Era (Elizabethan Era Diet-An Overview).

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Manchet was often eaten with butter to add flavor. A classroom activity based on the senior project. Even though people in the Elizabethan Era ate sugars and sweets, one did not eat as much. Theme Essay particular festivalwould your guests look at you aghast, for example, if you offered Buffalo wings and beer for a citation analysis thesis The phrase, you are what you eat is literally true. In comparison to having a healthy breakfast such as eggs, many people ate pancakes on Sunday for a treat (The Elegance in Every Elizabethan Food). You are what you eat is a phrase a lot of people use. New toppings included butter, strawberries, and powdered sugar (Elizabethan Diet an Overview). Where as per one hundred grams of cereal, such as corn flakes, we are provided with three hundred and seventy calories, six grams of protein and only one gram of fat. The type of food we eat directly affects our Related gcse Food Technology essays You Are What You Eat -Discuss It is indeed true that the quality of food that you take in will do a great deal to Related gcse Food Technology essays Dec. You Are What You Eat Essay.