shakespeare in brave new world essay conclusion

great writers, painters or composers, no poets or playwrights. In the case of Aldous Huxley, Brave New World is by far his most renowned novel. Set in futuristic London, England, this dystopias government utilizes advanced genetic technology to manufacture and condition humans to fit specific. It explains how there are no families and children are created in cloning laboratories known as the hatcheries. While in California, he began to have visions aided by his usage of hallucinatory drugs. He vividly explains that such a place would destroy culture, as we know it, for all books threatening the state would be band and all art and knowledge except science. The New State is governed by a dictatorial government, which limits what its citizens are able to do and controls them even before they are born. In this novel Huxley explains what may happen if the human race tries to create a utopia based on technology.

New, world by Aldous Huxley are convinced they are in this perfect world of the future, always happy, free to do whatever they want, have whoever they want, little do they know, they are being trapped inside the world of the director of, brave. He made many future predictions and many or most of them have already come true but not to the extent that he writes about. They may have many advantages and disadvantages if it is compared to our society. Marx finds the two savages especially interesting because the father of the savage came from the Utopia and then quickly left. A great danger lies in creating masses of people to feel the same and be equal in every way possible. These attributes of society, which are generally the leading causes of discontent among its members, are more so the flaws an idealist would stray from in concocting such hypothesis for a more "perfect" world ; not so for Aldous Huxley. Brave New World explores the negatives of a successful world where everyone seems to be content. When Juliet said this, Helmholtz broke out in an explosion of uncontrollable guffawing. Citizens of this World State are conditioned to follow a set lifestyle determined at birth in order to create a stable civilization. Some of the dangers include blindly following leaders who may be evil and not being able to think for themselves causing a higher power to have complete control over a very large faction.

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