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can grow and survive in dry habitat by escaping drought and drought resistance. Essay on the Periodicity of Drought. Essay on the Drought Prone Areas. Remember that drought is a very serious agricultural problem. Escaping Drought : Many short duration desert plants (ephemerals) germinate with rains and mature in five to six weeks. Global Warming, the negative impact of global warming on the environment is known to all. Improved rain-water harvesting methods should be deployed.

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The programme aims at promoting overall economic development and improving the socio-economic condition of resource poor and disadvantaged sections inhabiting the programme areas through creation, widening and equitable distribution of resource base and increased employment opportunities. Statistics reveal that approximately one-sixth of the total geographical area of the country that inhabits around 12 of the population is drought prone. Subsequently, National Commission on Agriculture (MoA 1976) identified a few more drought prone areas with slightly different criteria. Most of the arid and semiarid zones fall in this category.

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The word drought, generally, denotes scarcity of water in a region. American Meteorological Society defined drought as a period of abnormally dry weather, sufficiently prolonged for lack of water to cause a severe hydrological imbalance in the area affected. Drought disrupts the day-to-day lives of the people and has a widespread impact on various sectors. Lack of underground water is a major cause for droughts. Moderate Drought Period: When cumulative AE curve lies between cumulative PE/2 and PE/4 curves. Potassium iodide, silver iodide and dry ice are some of the chemicals used for the purpose of cloud seeding. This results in famine conditions. When rainfall is inadequate to meet the evapotranspiration losses, the result is borderline water deficiency in soil resulting in less than optimum yield.

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