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related parties, segment reporting, leases, impairment and risk management disclosure. If there are any impediments to our ability to follow professional standards, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, the Nigeria Accounting Standards Board, together with international and other standard setters, regulators, governments, and others must work together. Ifrs balance sheet will be closer to economic value because historical cost will be substituted by fair values for several balance sheet items, which enable a corporate to know its true worth. Any negative goodwill remaining after this exercise finds recognition in financial statements as an extraordinary gain. Strong Essays 894 words (2.6 pages) - Tax Law and Accounting In today's society income taxes are something in which almost everyone is familiar. Leverage ratios measure how the company is financed from creditors resources. Greater willingness on the part of investors to invest across borders will enable entities to have access to global capital markets and eliminates barriers to cross border listing. The Nigerian Stock Market is still very small in relation to other emerging markets. They may buy land and build office complexes, stores, or factories. Because of that, we can say that management of the company is the most alive in the andies reference for research paper significant user of financial statement analysis.

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Week 2 is a follow up to week1 as it dwells extensively on economist approach to income and asset valuation, accounting for price-level changes and income recognition models. Equity compensation: gaap and ifrs follow different treatment in equity compensation such as option grants, share grants. They include: International Financial Reporting Standards (ifrs International Accounting Standards (IAS) and interpretation originated by the International Financial Reporting Standards Interpretation Committee (ifrsic) (Oyedele, 2011). (2011).1.11 roadmap FOR THE adoption OF ifrs AND THE implications IN nigeria The roadmap to the adoption of the ifrss in Nigeria was its announcement on 2/9/10 by the Federal Government of Nigeria disclosing the schedule for the implementation as follows: (i) All companies. Leuz, Nanda and Wysocki (2003) concluded that evidence was adduced to the effect that a positive earnings. An example is SAS 10- Accounting by Banks. Global convergence is best explained by the objective as enunciated in the International Accounting Standards Committee Foundation (iascf) constitution, which states that the ultimate aims of the iasb and other accounting standard setters are: to develop, in the public interest, a single set of high. It will also bring in foreign capital flows to the country. There is the one that promotes adoption (a complete replacement of national accounting standards with iasbs standards) and the other, which tends to adaptation (modification of iasbs standards to suit peculiarities of local market, culture and economy without compromising the accounting standards and disclosure requirements. Good internal control would help minimize the risk of business disruptions (vii). Such changes do not lead to non-convergence with ifrs.