education ethics essay

student realize his or her potential, while at the same time stimulating the process of inquiry, acquisition of knowledge and understanding, and the formulation of worthwhile goals. The need for schools to address ethics and morals is important show more content, since in school are where children interact most often with any adult, it should be standard for schools to have ethics and morals in their curricula. All education is incomplete unless it imbibes ethical dimension. They together form a personality that has potent to encourage a seething mass of people into a nation with unity and success. A system of ethics which encompasses many beliefs, yet does not isolate one exactly, is the only useful method in a school. When one sees the present system of education, one wonders, to what extent is the importance of self knowledge as the foundation of ethical behavior is understood in educational institutions. If the world ethics is defined as the science of morals then education certainly means the harmonious development of our body, mind and soul.

National Education Association, Code of Ethics of the Education Profession:. The old ways of teaching learning process is found to be obsolete. In such a scenario, it becomes reasonable for a union to put in place a code of ethical conduct. Of the three situations below, two involve parents defending their students at all cost, they believe they are working in the students best interest but they do not have the foresight to realize that by not allowing their children to face challenges or suffer consequences. On the other hand, we also find an illiterate person taking an unknown victim to his destination. In terms of commitment to the profession, the NEA Code of Ethics maintains that teachers are public servants, and therefore expected to maintain the highest possible standard of professional conduct. But the question arises, what exactly are the parameters of ethical or moral dimensions in education.