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Navy 114-B Moon Dreams 21 Jan 44 Navy 160-A Moonlight Serenade Theme Song 1939 RCA Bluebird studio recording Navy 160-B Don't Be That Way 11 Dec 43 Navy 160-B Blue Champagne 11 Dec 43 Navy 161-A I've Got. Many countries have developed. If you live in surburbia, its unlikely youll be able to have hundreds of gallons of gasoline stored in a shed in the back yard not only will regulations prohibit this, but there simply wont be the space on a typical in-town property. Recorded December 8, 1941. Arranged by Billy May. The song was recorded by the Dorsey Brothers Orchestra on February 6, 1935 in New York and released as a 78 single. "I'm Headin' for California" edit Based on the ascap database, " I'm Headin' for California " was written by Glenn Miller with Arthur Malvin, a member of the Crew Chiefs, copyrighted on September 21, 1944 and published by the Chappell., Inc. Retrieved 1 maint: Archived copy as title ( link ) Flower 266, 272, 276 Flower 68 Flower 270 Flower 434 Flower 367 Jerry Gray composed a sequel called "Restringing the Pearls" in the 1950s according to Christopher Papa's Jerry Gray website 12:00. Cooking : Wood stove, nutritious home-canned meals that only require reheating, small and large cast-iron dutch ovens to use on wood stove, sun oven, outdoor fireplace. In the movie it is explained that it was arranged as a surprise for Helen Miller for a Christmas Day, 1944 broadcast by the Army Air Force band from Europe. 40 This was the theme music for the radio program that was broadcast weekly on Saturday on NBC from June 1943 to June 10, 1944 by the Army Air Force Band under the direction of Captain Glenn Miller.

Price:.00." The sheet music was advertised in the 1928 "Billboard Volume 40, Page 202. A b Flower 292 Flower, 398 "Harry Warren". Liner Notes to the CD collection "Community Swing, Vol. "Solo Hop" included Bunny Berigan on trumpet, Claude Thornhill on piano, and Charlie Spivak on trumpet. 39 Larry O'Brien and the Glenn Miller Orchestra recorded the song on the 2006 album Steppin' Out. Recorded January 29, 1940 for Bluebird/RCA. In pessimism and optimism essay addition to leading bands and playing the trombone, Glenn Miller composed music or lyrics to a number of songs. 39A, in November, 1943. The Scarecrow Press, Inc.; Sustineo Alas/I Sustain the Wings edition (June 1, 1990) isbn Firestone, Ross (1998). "Moonlight Serenade" appears in the films. On February 10, 1942, Glenn Miller was presented with the first gold record in history for selling one million records of "Chattanooga Choo Choo". The Big Bands Go to War.

Herman's version was recorded March 23, 1944. Benny Goodman's 125 Jazz Breaks for Sax and Clarinet. Chattanooga Choo Choo: The Life and Times of the World Famous Glenn Miller. The B side was "I've Got Your Number" written by Bonnie Lake. So what can you do? "Room 1411 (Goin' to Town edit " Room 1411 " was composed with Benny Goodman 11 in 1928 when Glenn Miller was part of Benny Goodman's Boys, the instrumental was recorded on June 23, 1928 in Chicago, Illinois and was released as a. Navy V Disc.