reflective essay on deforestation

in 58 of Hodgkins Disease sufferers. Deforestation poses a threat to the rich biological diversity of tropical rainforests, hinders the advancement of medicinal discoveries, and contributes largely to the greenhouse effect. ESD Reflective Essay, upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, like this document? Another example would be the mouse deer, which is a very historical animal- involved in the naming of one of our own states, Melaka. In The Name of Sustainability : Deforestation in Malaysia and Inodnesia. Extinction is an irreversible change and once a species is gone it is lost for good (Grainger 150). The largest ones include: Amazon River (South America congo River (Africa madagascar. These extremes allow rainforests to grow unique plantation and unique wildlife. The loss of forests will create an imbalance to the ecosystem and disrupt its cycle.

reflective essay on deforestation

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Animal extinction is one of the more protuberant effects of deforestation. The tropical rainforests are falling at human hands. Loss of habitat causes inbreeding, which reduces expansion Overhunting for commercial purposes Attacked by humans Sumatran Rhinoceros Less than 60 (rate of death higher than birth) Critically Endangered Last Surviving Species of Rhinoceros Endangered due to poaching, isolation and inability to breed Pygmy Elephants Less. Successfully reported this slideshow. Its always a slippery slope, a domino effect. In Trends in Ecology Evolution (12th., Vol.

It happens due to a couple of reasons. This destruction could lead to the extinction of many plants and animals not only in the rainforest but also on a global scale. Malaysia air quality index, 2014 (Recreated from : Figure. Retrieved, from ml Gilbert,.

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