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leadership. The Son also had the power of free will but only used it as the savior of man and toward the purpose of good. Milton depicts the devils in such a way that is contrary to the religious views of 17th century London. The speech begins with a voice that we can easily relate. These elements are forever approaching but cannot connect.

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With Satans ability to deceive Beelzebub easily, he will easily mislead the Demonic Council into carrying out his evil ideas against God in Heaven. Paradise Lost Essay, literary Analysis Essay 1, class 10 (High School have suggestions, comments or ideas? But when the mass of serpents struggled to bite into the fruit, it turned to bitter ashes. This can be seen to reflect the view that the sufferings of men are their own fault.

But just at the very moment when he expected to receive their thunderous applause, he heard nothing but hisses - the host of them had been turned into serpents. On the next morning Eve awoke complaining of a nightmare in which an angel had tempted her to eat the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. This essay outlines the character of Satan present in the poem and how his glorious actions lead to his resulting fall. Through the course of the epic, characters develop different and often conflicting conceptions of the spiritual. They went on to argue that Paradise Lost's Satan deserves the "tragic hero status" (Kaiter and Sandiuc 453). Man and Satan - Kindred Spirits in a Chaotic Universe. Milton degrades his character in many different ways. God displayed the power of omnipotence in full when he was able to cast Satans legion of angels out of Heaven into Hell (35).

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