disadvantages of using public transport essay

at our destination. There are many stations which dont have elevators or escalators in Japan. It can ease traffic jam and improve road condition. Overall, the negative side of free public transportation greatly outweighs its benefits. The users of public transportation services would be paying more in tax rates than they would for the original fares.

Disadvantages of using public transport essay
disadvantages of using public transport essay

Disadvantages of Public Transportation, essay - 680 Words

disadvantages of using public transport essay

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There is a limited amount of space aboard public transportation systems, which makes them inappropriate for some errands. Because we are accustomed to our current systems of public transportation, it is hard to imagine a system that does not involve the use of fares and standard rate practices. References, photo Credits, Images, share email, more Articles. Women who could not provide for their newborn babies would leave them at the back of vehicles, making them someone elses problem. They use the commute time to work or engage in a favorite hobby. We can also reduce air pollution by using public transportation.

People of the middle class have a certain expectations of standards within the public transportation system. Travelers are crowded in and don't have much personal space. In James Shaffers opinion on transportation policy, The concept of unregulated market is a meaningless construct(1). Convenience, public transportation runs on a set schedule.

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