persuasive essay on tattoos in the workplace

people used it for religious reason and others for cultural reasons but for whatever reasons it was used it was widely practiced and its use was respected. Getting a job is no easy task, for there are many people who are also searching for that same job. Tattoos were once believed to be a risky trend and are now becoming data for statistical analysis more of the norm. When it comes to being employed, there are laws in place to protect us against certain methods of discrimination.

A small difference in your skin makes no difference in who you are. Cite weblastEssays firstUK urlp? Body Piercing and Tattoos 2008: 1-6. Furthermore, those who think tattoos are just for looks will have to realize that tattoos are a part of ones life. As long as they do not discriminate on race, color, religion, age, nationality or gender, employers. Several years ago Jon Tevlin, staff writer for the Star Tribune in Minneapolis noted the number of adults with tattoos was "growing, especially among the young Tevlin). When it comes down to making a decision, something as simple as having a tattoo could ruin every hope one has of getting the job.

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