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the measure actually increased energy use in the state. In King Henry VI, Part 1, he says, "Defer no time, delays have dangerous ends." Even though the famous playwright recorded history of pi essay these words some 193 years before Ben Franklin first conceived of daylight saving time while stationed in France, it could be sage and, ahem. Kisco, New York, told HealthDay News. in residential electricity use, costing the state an extra 9 million source: Kotchen. (New York is generally five hours behind Britain; Western Europe is an hour ahead.). However, at latitudes between these extremes, adjusting daily routines to the shifting day length during summer may indeed help to save energy. Some institutions and businesses shifted their clocks, while others didn't. Department of Transportation reported that DST saved energy.

The tradition of Daylight Savings Time officially began in the Unit ed States in 1918. However, would this not make an interesting research and writing. An argumentative/opinion essay about whether or not to observe DST. Daylight saving time, or DST, started for 2018 over the weekend. A new paper from the Brookings Institute finds that there s a 7 percent decrease in crime following the shift to DST.

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Supporters of the 650 word essay double spaced proposal, however, included groups representing cricket players, people with seasonal affective disorder, pub owners, dog breeders and environmentalists. The early evening darkness after the end of the DST period is linked to depression. For some, however, the time change can have more serious consequences. The study became the evidential foundation of the pro-DST movement, and little data emerged to refute the idea. "Daylight Time." June 14, 2011.

Research is hard to conduct simply because DST has been in effect.
But is that necessarily an argument against DST?
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His research suggests that the human body s circadian clock, kept.
Daylight-saving time is not cost-effective and has health.